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These printed wristlets are so useful!

How do you mamas keep track of your keys when your trying to carry 15 grocery bags (if your a one trip kind of woman like me 😂), a car seat, purse, corralling a toddler and opening/closing the doors?! ⁣

My question to myself was always “now where did I put my keys” and spend 5 minutes finding them in the bottom of my purse 🙈⁣

Guess what?! THE WRISTLETS ARE THE 💣. ⁣
🚫 asking yourself where your keys are ⁣
🚫 locking the kids in the car⁣
🚫 searching 10 mins for your keys⁣
🚫 leaving your keys behind⁣
🚫 sanitize both hands & not loose the 🔑 ⁣
FYI - if your not a mama, these work just as well 🤣 ⁣